Enjoy The Movie

Things happen in life only when they are supposed to and everything happens for a reason. Most of us believe this to be true, but for most part it remains nothing more than a belief versus being intrinsic to our philosophy and inner attitude…in essence our personal reality. Reality is defined as something that in unchangeable or permanent in every scenario. When we want something very badly and don’t get it, we have a choice. We can either feel dejected and complain about it or we can embrace the fact that it wasn’t supposed to happen at that time and move on. The former showcases our fluid belief system while the latter reaffirms our personal conviction in this philosophy. We also find it easier to embrace this philosophy when the impacted person is someone other than ourselves. In those instances, the words “everything happens for a reason” urgently tumble out with a ton of conviction behind them. Those same words feel weak and irritating when we are the impacted party.

Just like everything else in life, making this belief a personal reality only happens with deliberate practice. It requires us to embrace every situation that we encounter with the same level of dispassion and poise. When we find our minds wandering towards negativity or sense a desire to complain, we should gently nudge our minds back to the core message of “everything happens for a reason and only when it’s supposed to” and revel in the comfort we can only feel when we truly relinquish the desire to control every situation. The core of this philosophy relies on two words – faith and patience. Having the faith that everything happens for a reason and when it’s supposed to, and then having the patience to embrace that event whenever it happens.

Hopes and desires are such an integral and important part of living and feeling alive. Having desires in life and then making plans to make them come to fruition are vitally important to all of us. Making plans is great, but expecting them to happen as expected and at a time of our choosing is where the problem arises. All that we are entitled to is setting our goals (based on our desires) and then giving our 100% towards making them happen…we are neither entitled to the outcome nor the timing of the outcome. Unfortunately, we get so caught up in the entire process of goal-setting and executing that we continually build up our expectations regarding the outcome and when it doesn’t happen, we feel dejected, unhappy, negative and in some more extreme cases depressed. If we truly embrace this philosophy, why would we ever let anything come in the way of our mental peace? If this philosophy were a reality to us, we would give our 100% to every activity, and then embrace the outcome irrespective of whether it is consistent with our goals or not.

Being a movie buff, I’ve found it easier to make this philosophy a personal reality by thinking of it in movie terms. Imagine this life is a movie based on a singular character – you. Now imagine yourself as the person watching the film. You are the moviegoer. The movie is supposed to be incredibly interesting and no one has seen it yet…and as each scene unfolds you are waiting with bated breath to see what happens next. Will the next scene be something super exciting or something relatively ordinary? You don’t know and that is the beauty of it. You’ve heard the storyline is extremely intricate and has a ton of really interesting plots and subplots. Just when you think you know where it is headed, the plot completely changes and you see the events headed in a completely different direction. All these unforeseeable changes in the storyline are what makes this movie utterly fascinating and a must-watch. You are involved in the movie as a moviegoer and while you are mentally vested in it just like you would any other great movie, this movie is about you and that makes it extra special…yet you know that nothing that happens in this movie can affect you…because what you are watching is just that…a movie. That’s how this life is. If we see ourselves as a witness to our lives and appreciate each scene or event in our lives as it unfolds, imagine how amazing life could be. Imagine how much more we would enjoy this journey when we are nothing more than just excited about what comes next. What excites us is the anticipation, yet we are patient because we know the next scene will unfold only as designed and no other way.

From our personal perspective, how could this not be the best movie ever made? Having said that, we should not forget the fact that our responsibility as the lead actor in the greatest movie of all time, is to give every scene our 100%. In fact, our attitude and desire for excellence in every scene is supremely vital to the success of this movie. So, give everything in life your 100%. When you love, love completely. When you are with your kids, be the best parent you can possibly be. Nothing is more important at that time. On the professional front, give your work your best effort every single day. If you’re on a vacation, be sure to enjoy it as against worrying about things back home on the personal or work front. In the words of Yoda in the film The Empire Strike Back, “Do or do not. There is no Try.”, which basically means give everything you do your best effort, irrespective of the outcome.

If you’ve made your way through this article and are moved enough to truly embrace the philosophy of “everything happens for a reason and when it’s supposed to” and more importantly are willing to practice hard at making it a personal reality, then this article came your way for a reason as well. Happy movie-watching!

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